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Hook a Plane (or Helicopter)   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Like with ducks, but with little toy planes (or helicopters).

I'm sure you know of the fairground game in which participants try to collect yellow rubber ducks with a hooked pole. This idea extends this to toy planes (or helicopters).

The planes (or helicopters) are modified to have rings suitable for hooking, and fly around either randomly or in other ways, perhaps even in formation. The principle is the same; participants hook planes (or helicopters) and win tacky prizes.

Jollity for all!
-- dbmag9, Apr 01 2008

-- Zimmy, Apr 01 2008

I voted for it, but this idea is so crazy and simple that I cannot believe this does not exist as an Olympic sport already.
-- ilSilvano, Mar 04 2010

Baked. This is a well-known form of recreation amongst the crew of aircraft carriers.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 04 2010

of course all participants must wear monkey suits and climb atop scale Empire State Building models.
-- FlyingToaster, Mar 04 2010

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