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Electrical huffing for your puffing.

You are sitting, relaxing on a hot day with your water pipe in a silver bowl full of ice, too lazy to do anything, even suck.

You reach over, and pull out your hookasucka.

From the exterior it looks like a normal hose; but the lower wooden plug conceals a slot for two AA batteries. This powers a small metal fan in the lower plug. This allows the hose to be used in any hooka pipe.

A control wire is concealed along the length of the hooka and terminates in a wooden button at the base of the mouthpiece. Holding the button starts the fan and propels soft, cool, apple-scented smoke into your mouth. Open your throat to let a stream go straight out your nose. Doze off while you absorb the equivalent of 100 cigarettes.

The button also locks; this can be used add atmosphere; put anything in the bowl for pleasant scents. Turn on, lock, hang the hookasucka on your hooka, and let the room socially partake in the puff, and sooth in the relaxing white noise of water bubbling.

Can also be used with insecticides for pest control.
-- mylodon, Jan 09 2018

Don’t confuse the insecticide with the apple smoke.
-- RayfordSteele, Jan 09 2018

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