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Culture: Celebration: Halloween
Horror Pipe   (+57, -9)  [vote for, against]
Expensive but realistic Halloween prop

This is sort of an adaptation of the classic "I've got an arrow shot through my bonce" headband, only you can use it anywhere, and it's a pipe. Well, two seperate pieces of pipe, each with a screen in one end, and a camera in the pipe wall on the opposite side. You then stick the pipes screen ends to your head/ hand/torso/cat, so the they appear to be going through you/it. Switch them on, and the screens will show whatever the opposing camera is filming, and people will gasp at the fact that you've got a hole right through you. Of course, you may need to make holes in your clothes to hide the wires, and carry quite a large battery in your pocket, and probably pay quite a lot, but it would get a few good shocks. Probably. I hope.
-- quaero curvus, Aug 13 2005

A fibre optic (USain 'fiber optic') solution http://starcraft-ve...isibility-cloak.htm
[ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 17 2005]

Gaping hole costume http://blog.makezin...MP=OTC-0D6B48984890
[xaviergisz, Apr 24 2009]

I like where you're coming from there. Presuming that you're not actually using fibre optics to appear as if that's where you're coming from, but really you're coming from Kansas.
-- quaero curvus, Aug 14 2005

I like it. <sp> halloween
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 14 2005

//<sp> Halloween// Perhaps I was referring to a different annual event that you don't know about... I wasn't, but that doesn't mean I couldn't have been. Thanks for pointing that out, I shall correct it.
-- quaero curvus, Aug 14 2005

I was just thinking how a small fan behind the screen would add to the realism as a person moving in for a closer look feels the air coming through the pipe.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 14 2005

I'm thinking how quickly a person will run away when this torrent of red goo and juice spills from the pipe.
-- reensure, Aug 14 2005

Line the inside of the pipe with images of intestines; pumping heart etc.
Another way could be to use prisms, much in same way as periscopes, but 4 of them , to divert the image around the body.
-- Ling, Aug 14 2005

Wear it during an eclipse, so your friends can view the event safely. “Stop moving!”
-- Shz, Aug 15 2005

Might well work. Which probably disqualifies it for this site, of course.
-- DrCurry, Aug 15 2005

Of course it won't work. People looking through the hole from different angles would see different views (depending on how close you were to whatever the heck you're standing in front of. So, it won't work. Yet. Actually, having said that, directional screens have been developed so you could show, like, four or five different angles which wold only be visible to people coming from that angle. So it could work. But only with ludicrous investment in high-tech technology. Bun.
-- moomintroll, Aug 16 2005

If the pipe is long enough, the sight lines will be severe enough that one view would suffice
-- dbsousa, Aug 16 2005

So... recommended only for fat people, then?
-- moomintroll, Aug 16 2005

/Horror Pipe/

Both, please.
-- bungston, Aug 16 2005

Nice. +
-- doctorremulac3, Aug 17 2005

Ceci n'est pas une pipe
-- calum, Aug 17 2005

Definitely a safety improvement over the old 'hammer a pipe through someone' gag.
-- wagster, Aug 17 2005

I'm just glad this has been doing well in my absence. And I'm never going to post an idea as stupid as the MFD Competition ever again.
-- quaero curvus, Sep 08 2005

Hmm, seems like this idea hasn't been viewed or annotated in a long time. That's a shame, seen as though it's my idea and I want more buns.
-- quaero curvus, Oct 20 2005

It's on 2œ croissants [quaero], let it rest now.
-- wagster, Oct 20 2005

Alright. I'll only annotate this if I actually have something to say about it. Or if I'm replying to an annotation. Like this.
-- quaero curvus, Oct 28 2005

Just had a thought; some sort of blood dripping tube that slowly trickled fake blood out of the end of the pipes would add to realism. Also, when not being used in scare tactics, could be used as a highly technical version of a periscope.
-- quaero curvus, Nov 11 2005

Just use a kalidescope. That would pretty much resemble what goes on inside my head.
-- Blisterbob, Nov 11 2005

[pa've] - no, it couldn't. the idea swiftly gets a [+] from me but i dot see how any technological improvement in lcd/plasma diplays would make the tube screen's brightness look natural nor can i imagine a bidimentional representation provided by any portable display we know could look real when viewed from all angles, and this makes it unbakeable
-- sweet, Nov 14 2005

I never said that it would look real from all angles. I'd imagined that the "protruding" pipes would be long enough for there to only be a small amount of angles from which you could look at it. As for how bright the screens are, I admit we'd have to go a little over the top with the cost, especially since I'm considering comparing the screens to the one on my laptop, which is sufficiently bright. A chunky power supply would be needed though. And it would be costing well into quadruple figures.
-- quaero curvus, Nov 16 2005

would the pipes come in fashionable colors? I mean to match certain outfits. Or summer and winter. In winter you'd have to get that tape to keep pipes warm.
-- xandram, Nov 16 2005

Well they could come in Stainless Steel... Or faux rust. Anything that looks genuinely pipelike. So pink wouldn't be too common. Of course, there would be a dripping blood pattern on whichever pipe was meant to have gone through you.
-- quaero curvus, Nov 18 2005

Isn't the title a question that gets asked constantly in Amsterdam? "Whore, or pipe, sir?"

Or did [bungston] already mention this by saying //Both, please//? I could not tell.
-- sleeka, Nov 22 2005

Cool idea. Seems like it would make an interesting art installation.
-- Alex Yeh, Nov 10 2006

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