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Horse-Drawn "Driver" for PSX2   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Drive Horse-Drawn Carriages, Wagons, and Buggies

I have seen Driver for the Playstation 1 and it is pretty cool. What would really be neat is if you could drive a Conestoga Wagon through New York City or mabye an Amish horse-and-buggy, or mabye a chariot. The Playstation 2's DVD capability could let you drive for a while in amazing detail.
-- Amishman35, Feb 25 2001

Screen shot?
Perhaps someday, egnor. [centauri, Feb 25 2001]

Hasbro Interactive: "Circus Maximus" (planned),10458,.asp
Hasbro is now owned by Infogrames, makers of "Driver" - looks like you might get your wish. [jutta, Feb 25 2001]

I don't know about a buggy, but surely -- surely -- there's a chariot race simulation out there somewhere.
-- egnor, Feb 25 2001

I would rather hitch my wagon to a chicken.
-- Aristotle, Mar 01 2001

A chariot driver game would be very neat.
-- centauri, Mar 01 2001

Perhaps this idea can be extended further with rickshaws, tandem cycles, solar-powered cars and many other irritatingly slow modes of transport.
-- stickyman, Mar 01 2001

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