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Horseshoe mufflers   (+9, -1)  [vote for, against]
Ultra padded horseshoes

"Hold your breath now Bess"

Good for sneaking up behind people whilst on horseback and thwacking them on their noggin with a squeaky resounding punchbag thwacking stick.
-- skinflaps, Jul 31 2008

Rubber Horseshoes
Maybe talk to these guys about making a prototype. [zen_tom, Jul 31 2008]

+ fluffy horsie slippers!
-- xandram, Jul 31 2008

For ninja horses.
-- theleopard, Jul 31 2008

+ now just add a butt-plug fart arrester, and teach the horse to breathe slowly through its wide-open mouth...
-- TIB, Jul 31 2008

But then ringers won' know...ring.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 31 2008

I suggest simply using a very high Duro rubber. Good wear resistance, pretty tough too.

I wonder if it is *better* for the horse to have some slight cushioning under their hooves? Not being particularly horse-savvy, I'd have to assume that walking, trotting or galloping on a hard surface isn't particularly good for a horse, or at least not sustainable in the same way as perambulating along on a soft surface.

So, give the horse some cushioned shoes.
-- Custardguts, Jul 31 2008

-- po, Jul 31 2008

//Duro rubber//

Pogo horses! Yay.
-- skinflaps, Aug 02 2008

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