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Fashion: Protection
Horsey Ride Shin Pads   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Play with your kids without the pain

Most young children are known for 2 things, 1) they are bony scrawny little things and 2)they dont sit still.

The Horsey Ride Shin Pads are a thin rigid plate with padding on both sides that strongly resemble soccer shin pads in design and construction. These are worn by parents while playing with thier kids to protect from damage brought on by kids bony butts slamming into parents shins while playing, in particular while parents are giving horsey rides(or trying to watch TV with thier feet up).
-- jhomrighaus, Sep 25 2006

I like the thought but what makes them different from wearing football shinpads or similar. Would you supply any other pads too??
-- webfishrune, Sep 25 2006

these are padded on both sides and are much thinner than soccer shin pads so as to be less obtrusive and more comfortable. I am certain that other designs could be produced if there was interest. The ones that come to mind immediately are;

crotch and breast pads for when kids are jumping around your bed in the morning, or using you as a landing pad for couch jumping.

Heel pads for use while walking a young child on a tricycle or bicycle.

head pads for when you are giving your kid a ride on your shoulders(those little chins can be murder)
-- jhomrighaus, Sep 25 2006

Think like sitting on the couch with your feet up on the table, Kid sits on your shin and bounces around like they are riding a horse.
-- jhomrighaus, Sep 25 2006

Ah, also known as saddles. Add some western theme to it and a cowboy hat and it's a market.
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 04 2006

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