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Hot Dog & bun bulk pack   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Eliminate the dog/bun issues

If you love hot dogs(not as much as croissants, but still like them,) then you know how frusturating it is when you are BBQing and you realize you only have 1 bun left. Well, this half-baked idea would make packages of a hotdog AND a bun, all convienently stored in packages of 1 or 8. No more hassle!
-- croissantz, Jul 16 2004

So I have to refrigerate the buns with the dogs? Not good for the bread. If you make the package break into two parts for storage, then you may as well have bought them separately. Also, no meat- packing company I know of makes bread too, at least not good bread. What we really want is the same number of items in the two packs, but that's an old proposal.
-- bpilot, Jul 17 2004

actually, you wouldn't have to freeze them because it would be in a similar package to the packages to the ones already made, but i like the split-in-half idea as well. A meat packing company could buy over a bread company kinda like car companies do sometimes.
-- croissantz, Jul 17 2004

plus it would be a lot cheaper to buy than 2 packages.
-- croissantz, Jul 17 2004

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