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Keep your drink warm

I hab a cold ib by dose. I'mb dot likig it bery buch, and look forward to gettig homb and drinkig a dice hod glass ob rub or whisky with hondey and lebod (or limbe) juice.

De only probleb is dat whed I get homb, I wand to go to bed and not hab to get ub agaid. Howeber, mby hot toddy will get code if I don't find a probber way ov keepig it warmb.

So, to solve the probleb, ibagid a cup of steabig hod toddy, ibto which is placed a sball, pill sized, sealed and water activated fuel cell.

The fuel cell will imbpart heat ibto the surroudig liquid, keepig it warmb, and allowig be to stay in bed, drinkig as buch as I wand.

By de way, de cadegory is the obbosite ov whad I bean.
-- zen_tom, Oct 13 2005

My sympathies for your cold... Self_20heating_20sake_20cup
...but I've been there before [normzone, Oct 13 2005]

Hot Toddy
The recipie suggests brandy, though whisky or rum would do just as well. [zen_tom, Oct 13 2005]

The Hot Toddys Made Hottoddysmade
Use one of these [zen_tom]? [jonthegeologist, Oct 14 2005]

Hod http://www2.willard...images/r08_0782.jpg
[calum, Oct 14 2005]

I wish I had photoshop at work. [calum, Oct 14 2005]

Is your cold making your keybord stuffy? It sounds like a good idea, but I don't think the notion of it would be worth wasting the energy to try to dechiper this text. Also, I would have liked to see you try to say "water activated fuel cell" with a cold but I see you saved yourself the trouble.
-- jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

There are extant better ways to heat a teddy.
-- bristolz, Oct 13 2005

If the fuel cell is reacting to the water, wouldn't the fuel be seeping into the water? And I'm sorry if I was born on the wrong continent, but what is a toddy?
-- jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

The fuel cell doesn't react to the water, it is activated *by* the water. Imaginge a sealed, short circuiting battery.

A toddy is a hot, alcoholic drink, like a grown-up lemsip, only with more feely-good warmth-inducement, and less actual medicine - see link.
-- zen_tom, Oct 13 2005

Heh. I’ve always called it a ‘totty’. I thought you were using d’s to give it a stuffy sound.
-- Shz, Oct 13 2005

My recipe is:

Some very hot water
Some honey
Some lemon juice
A lot of brandy

Mix all ingredients to taste
Continue to serve until several days after the affliction is cured
-- normzone, Oct 13 2005

I've seen something like that here on the wrong continent but it was made from tea, not brandy.

I'm sure your version is more interesting.
-- jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

Wouldn't a thermos flask do just as well? Puzzled.

I have also just recovered from a v. nasty cold and sympathise.

Oh, and it's whisky, all right? Not brandy.
-- squeak, Oct 14 2005

That's what I ended up using last night - into my thermos, I put:
hot chinese tea
whole lime, squozen
3-5 cloves
a blob of honey
3-4 shots of Black Rum
And it went down a treat, staying warm in my thermos for as long as it took for me to remain concious.
-- zen_tom, Oct 14 2005

Hot totty in a teddy would cheer me up.
[zen_tob] I hobe you get bedder sood - you hab by symbady
-- coprocephalous, Oct 14 2005

[see link]... there, that any better?
-- jonthegeologist, Oct 14 2005

Oooh, thanks John! Every home should have a HotToddysmaid. It's evidently a widespread problem that requires addressing. I think the Hottoddysmaid is more luxurious, than my 'lite' version, but mine could still be used by business travellers or those of no fixed abode.
-- zen_tom, Oct 14 2005

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