Sport: Zorb
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Human-Size Hamster Ball

You know those little clear plastic balls with air holes that you stick your hamster, ferret, bunny, rat, mouse or other pet inside and let them run around and explore the house but without them being able to a)get lost or hurt and b)destroy the surrounding universe? I think it could be a great adult sport too - you could have a neat track with all kinds of loop the loops and the idea is to run as fast as you can in your hamsterball and then brace yourself spread-eagle on the inside of the ball and roll over and around various obstacles and jumps. The idea is not so much the ball as the neat obstacle track/course for the ball to run on. Kind of like a skateboard is more fun with a good skate park to play in.
-- submitinkmonkey, Mar 08 2005

Watch the movie "Bubbleboy" and look under sport: zorb. Already done, but welcome to the HB!
-- DesertFox, Mar 08 2005

<Hi, new guy!>Ooh, you know what? i had the chance to run around in one of those things, a friend invited me to an event that was supposed to have them. Unfortunately, the previous group got crap stuck in the zippers and they didn't work. If you could add an idiot-proof zipper, I would bun it.
-- spacecadet, Mar 09 2005

American Gladiators did this, so did Jackie Chan at the beginning of Operation Condor.
-- jaksplat, Mar 09 2005

and what if the little kiddies were going downstairs and lonst their footing? smash, crash, tears before bedtime.
-- froglet, Mar 09 2005

<Hi Spacecadet!> That's *cough* new GIRl, actually ;-) - but thanks & nice to meet you.
-- submitinkmonkey, Mar 10 2005

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