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An idea from the middle of the night.

In some cultures, it is considered to be sound of internal spiritual energy. In others, it's simply the fact that last night's tea is still being digested.

Whichever view you subscribe to, there is no dispute that the sounds emanating from my stomach last night were amazing. I lay awake, hoping they wouldn't stop, they were so interesting. Fearful growling, the gurgling of a chemistry lab, the haunting sounds of a lovesick blue whale.

This kind of guttural cacophony is rare, but worth recording. I propose 100 volunteers sleep with a small (fluffy padded) recording device strapped to their stomachs, and the resulting sounds be mixed into a human symphony, rather like the Penguin Cafe Orchestra did with dialling tones in Perpetuum Mobile.

Subliminal womb-yearnings would surely boost this up the charts - hell, you only need to sell about 370 records to get to number one these days anyway.
-- Fishrat, Feb 12 2004

borborygmi - a middle name for fishy :) http://www.nurspeak...ools/borborygmi.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Having recently seen a re-screening of "Alien", I fear that the only sounds recorded transdermally through my abdomen would be of E.T. phoning home.
-- jurist, Feb 12 2004

You can buy recordings of womb sounds which are supposed to calm a young baby. Sounds like a bunch of arse to me because I don't believe an item exists which can calm a young baby.
-- hazel, Feb 12 2004

<legal disclaimer>The sound my stomach was making last night should under no circumstances be played to babies, or the infirm.</disclaimer>
-- Fishrat, Feb 12 2004

asks [fishrat] ... you been eating 'babs again?
-- jonthegeologist, Feb 12 2004

a fishrat that makes whale noises? hmmm my mental picture of you is developing nicely.
-- po, Feb 12 2004

Whatever kind of noise your thinking, I'm almost certain it wasn't that.
-- Fishrat, Feb 12 2004

+ Perhaps a follow up album - human hippo dialogues. BTW whales don't *sing* at all they just have poor digestive systems.
-- nichpo, Feb 12 2004

Excellent idea, Fishrat. Can the b-side be a recording of all those strange creaking and clonking noises that your house makes when you're laying there in the dark unable to sleep?
-- DrBob, Feb 12 2004

how do you know what fishy's house sounds like?
-- po, Feb 12 2004

Refrigerator goes on, refrigerator goes off. Ad infinitum.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 12 2004

When I'm trying to stay awake driving down the motorway, the blaring radio doesn't work. When I'm trying to get to sleep, I can hear a car 3 miles away.
-- Fishrat, Feb 12 2004

That's because that car has a tired driver with a blaring radio.
-- FarmerJohn, Feb 12 2004

Can we please have different tracks such as "Morning coffee on an empty stomach", "The sloshing of much soup", "The curry that didn't agree with me" etc? Just like they do for those whale/dolphin/wave sounds tapes.
-- squeak, Feb 12 2004

"The battle of grapefruit and milk" - now that's suffering for your art.
-- Fishrat, Feb 12 2004

// Sounds like a bunch of arse to me //

Or what occurs just beforehand.
-- RayfordSteele, Feb 12 2004

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