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Commercial chicken farming made less horrific

Meat chickens are designed to be slaughtered from as young as 7 weeks (I just looked this up, I thought it was 10). Some people object to this as the animals don't have a life (even if they were not killed).

Egg chickens are different breeds and the males are killed as soon as they can be identified.

I propose a brand of chicken which is exclusively males from the egg laying breed, raised in a pasture and forest foraging environment (anecdotal evidence suggests that mature males only fight when confined and with females present, but I may be disastrously wrong).

Their meat would be nutrient rich and tasty, but not super tender. You would need to know how to cook a bird, like pheasant, but the discerning customers who choose this brand would.

And to appeal to those discerning customers, the brand would be called "Too Many Cocks".
-- marklar, May 25 2024

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