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Culture: Celebration: Gift
Humming Presents   (0)  [vote for, against]
Gifts from the tone-deaf. (With apologies to bagel)

Humming Presents would be gifts with that little musical device ripped out of those annoying greeting cards and placed on the gift instead. Tiny IC chips would play a melody (or hum) appropriate to the occasion. The chip could be hidden in a bow or under the ribbon or label and triggered by moving the package (doesn't everyone shake their gifts?). Power would come from one of those tiny watch batteries or such. The chip would be reusable if we add a computer connection to download new melodies for different events. Humming Presents the website could provide a database of fee-free tunes fit for all uses.

This idea comes from a strange thought that hit me when I first read Homing Presents by [bagel]. For a millisecond I misread the title as "Humming Presents", and the more I thought about it, the more I realized its merits as an alternative idea.
-- Canuck, Jan 01 2003

baked. I had a pair of slippers for christmas that bark.
-- po, Jan 01 2003

Download a "ticking" sound into the chip and watch the fun begin.
-- krelnik, Jan 01 2003

// ticking sound //

Been there, done that. For my friend's wedding, I got a great big box, decorated it as tastelessly as I possibly could, (duct-tape bow, horrid wrapping job, and clashing paper), and taped a loud wind-up alarm clock to the side of it. (The gift itself was a certificate to a glasswear shop, way at the bottom of the box.)
-- RayfordSteele, Jan 01 2003

Tell us more about this "glasswear". Sounds pretty half-baked right there.
-- egnor, Jan 01 2003

See through clothing, I reckon.
-- bristolz, Jan 01 2003

random, halfbakery