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The Self Hypnosis Network

A 24 hour cable channel devoted to improving your self through hypnosis. Stop smoking, lose weight, cure insomnia, succeed in business, fight your fears, learn a new language. Daily scheduled programming designed to rewire your mind and reinforce what you learn. Experts in many fields combined with sound, music, and visuals go to work on you where you are the most relaxed and receptive- your own home.

Sit down, relax and be a better person.
-- wombat, Aug 30 2003

Fractal http://sprott.physi...arlson/hypnotic.gif
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

"Your eyes are getting very heavy..."

"You are feeling very relaxed..."

-- Cedar Park, Aug 30 2003

You will buy a George Foreman Grill, and one for ten of your friends. You will tell those ten friends to buy a George Foreman Grill for ten of their friends...
-- DeathNinja, Aug 30 2003

//cure insomnia// through hypnosis.

Once again, Bob Ross springs to mind.
-- squeak, Sep 01 2003

This has to be baked, the popularity of some of the bollocks offloaded to us as "entertainment" amazes me. I'm sure this HypnoTV had something to do with it.

"You will find Friends very amusing and watch it every week, and when you're not watching you will recite lame jokes from the previous weeks episode to the annoyance of your colleagues."
-- RoboBust, Sep 01 2003

"You will immediately forget that you are watching a blinking screen desgned tohypnotise you. You willforget that you are stuck in a revolving door between paycheck and checkout. You will believe that you are offering something valuable to society by shopping."
-- Medina Whiteman, Sep 01 2003

Anybody see that recent Futurama episode? [DN], I bet you did.

"And now back to 'Everybody Loves Hypnotoad'. <vwuuummwuuuuuuuummm>"
-- jivetalkinrobot, Sep 02 2003

<drooling> Whers 'at remote at? </drooling>
-- k_sra, Sep 02 2003

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