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IVR Music Switch   (+3)  [vote for, against]
Press One for jazz, Press Two for Grunge

One of the most consistent complaints about Interactive Voice Response (IVR) music systems, is that the on-hold music is thoroughly irritating.

So, now's your chance to switch to something more your taste: Press 1 for Jazz, Press 2 for Def-Metal, Press 3 for Dub-Step, Press 4 for Grime. (Yea, ok, I had to look up these too).

-- jonthegeologist, Oct 15 2012

This is entirely implementable. Its just laziness on the part of the IVR system designers that it isn't done already.

On the other hand maybe they play irritating hold music to try and annoy you into hanging up and trying again later...?
-- prufrax, Oct 16 2012

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