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As when I have had a good rant.

It gets it out of the system and keeps it away from customers, friends and family.

If this website did not exist I would have to invent it.

So lets vote for the perpetual invention of halfbakery!

(Edited to make more sense - the idea is below)

A small tin in which you keep a selection of things that have made you happy in your life. The chewed ears from your first cuddly toy, a small rubber monster that fits on your fingertip, your grandads old lighter, a nut (possibly M12), two small easter chickens (one with a feather, but no feet - one with feet, but no feather), the chewed tail from the aforementioned first cuddly toy, a section of cylinder wall from an exploded combi engine, a necklace with capricorn the goat inbedded in green plastic, two small screws (BA2?) in a plastic bag, a silver ring in the shape of a tortoise (inlaid with lapis lazu and tortoise shell), the bendy hose section from an old style bicycle pump, one of those 'move the pieces about to make a scene' games (except this one is letters), a metal threaded hose cap, a magnet and keeper plate, a piece of crashed WWII fighter, a (no, sorry two) blue/black Sheaffer fountain pen refil and one secret item.

Simply keep this with you at all times. When you are down, just look inside. It works a bit like listening to the blues (esp Arbee Stidham with the Ernie Wilkins Orchestra).
-- eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 26 2009

Oh man! http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Arbee_Stidham
Hear this man before you die. [eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 27 2009]

What if you lose it?
-- Mony a Mickle, Mar 26 2009

I dunno, [e_n_t]. One idea? Two ideas? One baked and one not really an idea? No idea at all? I appreciate the sentiment, but I fear this post is leaving the house without an umbrella at the beginning of an [m-f-d] storm.
-- wagster, Mar 26 2009

..or indeed bolting the gum tree when you're up the creek without a kettle of fish.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 26 2009

//A small tin in which you keep a selection of things that have made you happy in your life//
small tins.
-- FlyingToaster, Mar 26 2009

I can hear the sound of the autoboner tip-toeing nearer and nearer.
-- xenzag, Mar 26 2009

Note to all: Bigsleep's anno made sence with the original edit.
-- eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 27 2009

This sounds like a variation on "Your Dad's Drawer" but may I add; a box of Staedtler Pencil Leads (0.5), a loupe, a gold button you found on the pavement, assorted marbles, a matchbox containing jewels, a piece of iron pyrite and a pawn.
-- zen_tom, Mar 27 2009

By all means, add away (or is that subtract?).
-- eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 27 2009

I also used to have a 9H pencil, but CAD replaced that and the PC won't fit in the tin.
-- eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 27 2009

//add away (or is that subtract?)// Ooh, that reminds me - an ancient green-led calculator, a D12, a pair of 'lucky sixes' dice (all sides are sixes), a well thumbed pack of cards (nothing finer than a well worn - but not bent or folded pack of cards) and an old, undeveloped film from x years ago that contains as-yet unknown images from the past.
-- zen_tom, Mar 27 2009

I used to have one of these, but it was lost during the tornado that killed my family.
-- tatterdemalion, Mar 27 2009

A little croissant for your pain [89t] +
-- xenzag, Mar 27 2009

Thanks xenzag, it all helps (oh and up on cloud 9 too).
-- eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 27 2009

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