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Ohhhhhh.... Lordy... How I burn...

This energy crisis in convoluted.

Anywhooooooos disagree???

I recently read that every pound of electronic housing contributes to 8 pounds of CO2... BAD!

This idea is to have equivalent CO2 contributions marked on every plastic: milk bottles, laptops, condoms, shoes, etc.

NOW! how do you feel about YOUR global contribution???
-- daseva, Jan 13 2006

charts and graphs from 2004
emision ratio closer to 1.6:1, no where near 8:1. [ato_de, Jan 13 2006]

Software for calculating such things
[moomintroll, Jan 13 2006]

Life Cycle Assessment of products
[moomintroll, Jan 13 2006]

A bit more about ecological footprints. http://www.abe.iast...ed/LCAFootprint.pdf
[moomintroll, Jan 13 2006]

I feel like contributing a fishbone.
-- ato_de, Jan 13 2006

maybe the net energy consumption to make the entire product. more C02 just means a nicer tan and more tornadoes for president bush
-- benfrost, Jan 13 2006

I've got to dispute that m-f-d [bris], I think it an excellent idea to make us stop and think about our contribution to the depletion of natural resources. [+]
-- coprocephalous, Jan 13 2006

But incredibly badly written.

[Gumbob] Change the whole of the idea to something like;

Label products with the CO2 produced through making them

And I will give you a bun happily
-- miasere, Jan 13 2006

There are quite a few problems with exactly how you measure CO2 output from the manufacturing and use of any item. That's not to say that we shouldn't do it. [+]
-- wagster, Jan 13 2006

Ah, you're right. MFD withdrawn. I missed a part of it. Sorry.
-- bristolz, Jan 13 2006

You can't restrict this to plastics. That would skew manufacturing towards other materials, which often involve more waste and are thus even less ecofriendly.

This is a big problem, and lots of people would like to see it happen. But it's hardly original, so no bun for you.
-- moomintroll, Jan 13 2006

Thanks for the great links, [moom].. I guess your right, any buffooon could dredge up this kind of thinking. Though, I'm surprised not much has been done with the idea around here.
-- daseva, Jan 13 2006

Hmm. Think about it further. Are there ways you could re-cast the core thought into a more fanciful and original invention?

One lame-o possibility: Outfitting a point of purchase system such that as items are scanned for purchase, the system, using UPC, calls upon a database that assigns each item a CO2 impact index value. At ringup, a total impact can be calculated for all items purchased as well as an individual breakout. This information can be printed on the receipt.

Aggregate purchase patterns can be used to inform manufacturers of the total impact of their products, both the packaging impact and the use impact. This can show the difference between the potential impact (products shipped) versus the more accurate consumer impact (products actually in the hands of consumers).
-- bristolz, Jan 13 2006

[miasere]'s suggestion can be approximated by keeping a fossil fuel bookkeeping and labelling products with this.
-- jmvw, Aug 28 2006

//energy gyms// I, don't, think, so. Hook your, Stationary, bike, up to an, old, ceiling fan, motor. Rig it, to, a 40w light bulb.

She can't take much more o' this abuse, Captain .. Is what I'd expect you to say when you see how hard it is to keep that light bulb lit. --- Sorry.
-- Zimmy, Aug 29 2006

On Earth, there are far more legs than lightbulbs.
-- daseva, Aug 29 2006

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