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Culture: Self-Help: Support Group
I need a way out help groups   (+3, -2)  [vote for, against]
For people who need a way out

This is a self help group for people who need help to find their way out, as the final stage of the scheme they would be taken to increasingly large/confusing places and told to find 'the way out'. ( It was late and I was feeling slightly more stupid than usual )
-- kaz, Aug 30 2001

I think this is a way of helping those people who seem permanently inept at navigating their way out of public places...if it is, good idea [kaz]. From the last sentence, I take it you have suffered from this affliction?
-- -alx, Aug 30 2001

You would have to meet in small groups right. Otherwise you'd all be stuck in the one group, that wouldn't help a lot.
-- sdm, Aug 30 2001

Don't hesitate to tell me if they ever hold a class with a focus on brown paper bags.
-- nick_n_uit, Aug 31 2001

to answer alx's question, no I haven't suffered from that problem, I just thought it would be helpful to all those people who seem un-able to go anywhere without losing themselves.
-- kaz, Aug 31 2001

Maybe. I know Paranoids Anonymous went out of business because nobody would tell anybody else where the meetings were.
-- Bonarein, Aug 31 2001

I'm assuming booze will be served at meetings since this is no time for a pity party. Will the designated driver be known as Goer-out-of-the-way ?
-- reensure, Aug 31 2001

I thought the title meant to say "I need a way out of help groups" help group. Good though [+]
-- Pericles, May 01 2005

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