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Ice Gun   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Shave a block of wood or ice and fire a projectile

An air rifle alot like this: see link

After firing the barrel will spin and push a large magazine shaped block of ice, wood or ice frozen with sawdust into a magazine that slices off a segment and loads it into the bandolier, which could be filled up and then reloaded with another block at the ready after you empty your clip.

The compressed air canister could be used as a cooling device by being next to the block of ice in the same enclosed metal magazine cartridge.
-- Duck Lagrange, Jan 18 2015

air gun http://www.fnhersta...55/3/_/fn-303R.html
[Duck Lagrange, Jan 18 2015]

Alternative ammunitions have been proposed before... Maizechinegun
[normzone, Jan 19 2015] [hippo, Mar 13 2015]

I love the cheery text on the linked page:

"Nowadays, both armed forces and law enforcement officers all around the world have to face an increasing number of peacekeeping and law enforcement operations, where, very often, the use of lethal weapons is not always the most appropriate."

I mean "not always the most appropriate", but presumably, then, at least somewhat appropriate.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2015

... and no doubt most convenient, particularly if the culprit* is young, unarmed, in a public place during the hours of darkness, and black.

*all culprits are presumed innocent until after the post-mortem.
-- 8th of 7, Jan 19 2015

The real beauty of this is that any frozen substance can and should be used as ammo.
-- bungston, Mar 12 2015

But here now: for reasons of symmetry it would be most fitting that an ice gun be powered by pressurized steam.

Added benefit: you could fire nonlethal rounds by using lower pressure steam.

Third benefit: once you were done with your shooting you could steam the wrinkles out of your shooting pants, then do up some dumplings.
-- bungston, Mar 13 2015

//the use of lethal weapons is not always the most appropriate// - there is a term used in law-enforcement which evokes a similar ambiguity: police forces and vendors of police equipment will talk about "less lethal" weapons (see link). I don't like this term because surely either something is lethal or it isn't, it can't be "not quite as lethal".
-- hippo, Mar 13 2015

A % of lethalness would be best; a probability of lethality. People would be interested in the high and the low end. It is those intermediate lethalness weapons that are troublesome.
-- bungston, Mar 24 2015

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