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Attatch a fridge to the PC Case

Many large design companies have to process huge files, and so need efficient computers. They are able to do this by simply putting the computer servers in a large fridge (meat freezer size). Rather than paying for a new room for you home, it would be simple to combine a fridge into a computer case. Remove the fans from inside, and install all the stuff from the back of the fridge onto the side of the computer box. Instant CPUcicles.
-- miasere, Mar 24 2003

how to bake your CPU
[thumbwax, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Cray
Have been refrigerating supercomputers since the 70s. [st3f, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Hitachi To Release Water-Cooled Notebook http://www.newsfact...rl/story/16579.html
Hey Bub, your notebook's leaking... [FloridaManatee, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) The Silicon Graphics Fridge
Someone turning a server box into a fridge. [st3f, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Hot Computer, Cool case!
Pic of the cooled compter. [longbowgun, Feb 23 2005]

(?) My hotel room cooled computer
And the TV is just to my left! [longbowgun, Feb 23 2005]

Archived copy of above-linked Silicon Graphics Refrigerator Project page http://web.archive..../~mourits/koelkast/
[notexactly, Apr 26 2019]

I suppose you could use the heat bleed off in a similar manner as the geyser freezer idea, and use it to heat your home or for heating your water...
-- Freelancer, Mar 24 2003

But then how am I going to cook my hotdogs on the motherboard?
(oh wait, I'm vegetarian)
(oh wait, I have a Mac)
My solution is just to put the beer next to the computer and drink it while it's still cold.
-- roby, Mar 24 2003

To cook the vegeburgers use the OvenKeyboard™. Less effective as a computing aid, but good for cooking snacks.
-- miasere, Mar 24 2003

Beer storage plus computing "efficiency" (whatever that means in a world that you need a refrigerator because your MB is so damn hot) equals a frozen, high powered croissant.
-- Worldgineer, Mar 24 2003

Nice idea. Taking the idea one step further, you could buy a small fridge and fit the guts of your pc inside.

(added link to cray, who have been doing this kind of thing to supercomputers since the late 70s)
-- st3f, Mar 25 2003

I like it! For the ultimate visual effect you want ice to form on the outside of the case (without condensation on the inside)
-- FloridaManatee, Mar 25 2003

Blah, blah, fridge, CPU, beer, coldcuts, frost, short circuit, fire, oh my.
-- phoenix, Mar 25 2003

Hm. Does ice conduct electricity?

Anyway, then it simply becomes a fridge/PC/oven combo.
-- dalek, Mar 25 2003

May have to regularly defrost. Or you could keep the computer sealed up so no moisture gets in. Im sure some1 will think of something useful for the frost in another idea (will get one automatic vote from me)
-- miasere, Mar 25 2003

Fridge / Freezer Ice is condesned water vapour that's frozen i.e pure water, [pure water doesn't conduct electricity]. So why not just put a computer into a fishtank of 100% pure water (with a water filter to make sure it stays pure. If the water was clean enough the PC should continue to work. or use oil of course.

Anyone stupid/brave enough to try it?
-- Lunartick, Mar 26 2003

Pure water does conduct electricity. It will always contain a small number of positively and negatively charged ions (H+ and OH-) which are capable of carrying an electric charge.
-- pottedstu, Mar 26 2003

true, but the amount conducted at 2.8v is next to nothing - the power supply may have to be put elswhere though
-- miasere, Mar 26 2003

// They are able to do this by simply putting the computer servers in a large fridge (meat freezer size). //

I have *never* heard of servers being located in walk-in fridges.

Air-conditioned rooms, yes. But that's not about overclocking servers; it's about stopping the servers from cooking themselves (and their operators) with the seat they generate.
-- JKew, Mar 29 2003

extremely baked.
-- ironfroggy, Mar 29 2003

better yest, attach a convection oven or something similar to the top. it could use the heat generated by the computer itself to warm a croissant. alternatively: attach a samll animal dwelling to the back of your PC (i would never do this to my mac, but i have no qualms about injuring PCs) and let the badgers move in. Fun for the whole family!
-- igirl, Mar 29 2003

[JKew] - I have heard of this. Its rare, but aparently cost effective for medium sized servers. [igirl]........what?
-- miasere, Mar 30 2003

[LUNARTICK] I was brave/stupid enough to try this with one of my semi-working rejects, I have two words for you guys "fire extinguisher"
-- Urban_kayaker, Mar 31 2003

[miasere] umm...nothing...just being weird...
-- igirl, Mar 31 2003

I am going to try this! I will let you know how it goes. He's the idea as I have seen it. The external cd-r/w dvd combo sits on the desktop - connected to the computer via usb 2.0 - right next to the monitor and on/off and reset switch - you'll have to splice those (custom is cool!). Keyboard and mouse are wireless. I'll give the wireless thing a shot but if it doesn't work I only have ro run one cable for both - combo reciever. You drill a hole in the door about 2 inches across. enough room for the monitor plug and plenty of cables to pass through. No chance of hitting anything freon-like by drilling in the door. The hole would be near the hinge so you wouldn't have to have a lot of cable play when you do open and close the door. What about a good seal you say? Fill the hole and around the cables with spray foam insulator/sealant (seen it at Lowes.) The condesation problem... isn't - If you get a good seal and leave the door shut. Put in a box of arm and hammer just to be sure.

Happy halfbaking!

P.S. Hopefully I don't cook anything.
-- longbowgun, Jan 11 2005

Cool. (heh) Please post pictures when you're done, or send them to me and I'll post them if you don't have a place to put them.
-- Worldgineer, Jan 11 2005

I am staying in a hotel for my job and had the chance to try it out. This is the improvised set up. Please see the links... I noticed very improved video speed. But, I have no onboard temp sensors (I tried to check out the motherboard temp - P.O.S. Intel motherboard is a no go!) to get you any real hard data, sorry. I have had no problem with condensation. All of the water vapor has frozen to the condenser ( yea, it's that cold.) The evaporator is very warm and the compressor is running all the time. It doesn't make much noise at all so I don't mind. I open the door as little as possible to keep condensation to a minimum. I will conduct this experiment for a little over a month and see if I run into any maintainance problems. The first little problem I HAVE run into is not being able to use the cd-rom. But, right now I'm only using this computer as a net appliance so its not an issue. The mouse's wireless range is not limited (at 6 feet/2m I can't read the text anyway.) I believe that after a month will have fully baked, buttered and eaten the goods. Blah, blah, blah... I yak on and on. Oh, by the way, I can't even overclock this stupid thing.
-- longbowgun, Feb 23 2005

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