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Tells how many times an idea has been read.

Often, I write an idea but no-one annotates it, and I don't know if anybody has read it. It would be nice to have something like a hitcounter on each idea.
-- -----, Nov 02 2004

I wish my nick name was "no-one" :-P ... I'd prove your point
-- ixnaum, Sep 17 2005

It's a shame people had to annotate on this. It was nice and ironic before.
-- hidden truths, Sep 17 2005

-- swimswim, Sep 24 2011

For a split second I read the title as Idiot Helicopter.
-- xenzag, Sep 24 2011

No, [xen], that was just my head spinning.
-- pertinax, Sep 24 2011

(so did mine)
-- theleopard, Sep 24 2011

Takes choice away from the viewer, who may only have reached the page via the "random" link.

Consider a trivalent voting system, with [+], [-], or [o].
-- mouseposture, Sep 24 2011

// Often, I write an idea but no-one annotates it, //

Often, I read a "new" idea, only to find my own annotation below it. Once I read a "new" idea, only to find I wrote it. It is discouraging.
-- popbottle, Feb 14 2017

A search for [-----] yielded:

" Can't search for that. The search term consisted entirely of non-word characters(*).

Search again:

(*) The halfbakery is too large to scan completely for every search. Instead, a word-indexed table helps narrow down the search to a few likely candidates. Only words made out of alpha-characters, underscores, and embedded apostrophes appear in the table. "

It is discouraging.
-- normzone, Feb 24 2017

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