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Pass it on to somebody else!

There are times when one posts an idea and another baker adopts the idea and really does it justice, or it really fits with their style.

There are also times when ideas become an institution on the bakery(such as mostly lame taglines) but the baker who created it for reasons of their own no longer wishes to maintain it.

I propose the ability for a baker to bequeath or transplant an idea to another baker who could then accept the gift and then love, nurture and defend the idea as their own.

A small notation as to the original author of the idea could be included as well.
-- jhomrighaus, May 17 2007

I'd prefer you adopt this: Adopt-an-Idea
[phundug, May 17 2007]

{Idea seeding seeding}
-- Dub, May 18 2007

A simple copy and paste would suffice. Two halfbakers could agree to do this. +
-- zeno, May 18 2007

(+) You've got to be kidneying.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 18 2007

So, who wants to clean up the taglines? Don't all shout at once, form an orderly queue, etc...

Still, a good idea in principle [+].
-- pertinax, May 18 2007

How Halfbakery 2.0 of you!
-- craigts, May 18 2007

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