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Kitties that glow in the dark

The cat's just had kittens..In about 2 weeks time they will be gleefully bouncing and leaping about learning the skills of a cat. I have noticed they can be pretty active at night exploring their nocturnal habitat. Imagine the fun of providing the kitties with glow in the dark little waistcoats/vests...turn off the lights and watch the fun. I'm sure there's a game in here somewhere,maybe a glowing ball of wool hanging and swinging from the ceiling?
-- skinflaps, Oct 02 2002

(?) Glowing rats to play with your glowing cats http://www.stanford...Contag/glowing.html
[jurist, Oct 02 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

I painted my cat pink once
-- Gulherme, Oct 02 2002

Ask Illuminous Kito.
-- General Washington, Oct 02 2002

Let loose some lightning bugs to swat.
-- FarmerJohn, Oct 02 2002

They would grow up into glow-in-the-dark cats ..... I would save a fortune on batteries for my night sight ........ furry, glowing croissant .......

Gulherme: // I painted my cat pink once// - emulsion, or gloss ? Did you sand between coats, like you're supposed to ?
-- 8th of 7, Oct 02 2002

Great link [jurist] if this could be perfected to glow to the naked eye the kitties could put up a most entertaining show.
-- skinflaps, Oct 02 2002

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