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Imagination Limiter / Instant Concentration   (+2, -5)  [vote for, against]
For daydreamers and procrastinators......

A concentration aid that stops your imagination running away with you when you want to concentrate on a certain task. Before you begin the task, you tell the machine (in a crisp, clear tone) what the task is.... "WORK" or "COOK EGGS" or "SLEEP" - then you begin the task. Meanwhile the machine detects when your mind's drifting off on one by detecting pulse rate, breathing, and brain activity monitor that tells you when your right hemesphere (or is it left?) is motoring too hard for the job in hand.

It then reminds you of what you're meant to be doing by flashing lights, sirens and playing back your initial vocal command repeatedly and VERY loudly until you start concentrating on the job in hand again. woowoowoo WORK WORK WORK WORK woowoowoo etc (if it's sleep it could do it quietly and hypnotically). And if the wandering mind persists the volume would increase and electric shocks could also be administered.

Hey Presto - Instant concentration.

Now, what was I doing...
-- notripe, Jan 09 2002

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I'm afraid I'd accidentally end up hitting the device with a hammer, over and over until it shut up.

-- seal, Jan 09 2002

and wouldn't that be great if it was the task you wanted to concentrate on!
-- notripe, Jan 09 2002

WIBNI for faceache - happy new year 2002 sweety, think of something useful dear - looking forward to something more spectacular from you this year.
-- po, Jan 09 2002

Harrison Bergeron-esque, kind of, er, sorta'
-- bristolz, Jan 09 2002

Sugarsugarsugar. ;•{›
-- reensure, Jan 09 2002

I would NOT recommend actually doing this, but some friends of mine swear that Ritilin, when ground up into a powder and snorted like cocaine, has the effect that you are seeking.
-- JakePatterson, Jan 10 2002

thinking about it further, faceache, a device to keep you focussed would be good. No access to the .5 bakery at work would be a definite start. A virile muscular and oiled taskmaster standing over me with a whip might help too, er, no probably not!
-- po, Jan 10 2002

I'd probably be able to deal with snorting Ritalin without my mind wandering - for a bit anyway. po - the .5bakery *is* my work. Is the oiled taskmaster yours?
-- notripe, Jan 10 2002

Seems like it could get stuck in a loop if you told it to keep you calm, or un-annoyed D:
-- CaptainDowns, Jan 03 2011

the end is noble and i for one need it, but your means??? i vaguely remember seeing something about electromagnets over the temporal lobe as a concentration aid. or was that a day dreem.
-- j paul, Jun 07 2011

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