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Impartial Limbo Machine   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
Giving the tall a fair shake.

Limbo is a fun game with one very simple rule – pass under the limbo stick without touching it.

Unfortunately, this game almost always rewards shortness, not bend-over-backwards flexibility and balance.

To correct this bias, I propose a limbo machine which takes the player’s height into consideration. These days, limbo machines use harmless lasers instead of the traditional bamboo stick. I do not know much about lasers, but these beams can probably determine the participant’s height at some marked point before he/she bends backwards to pass under the limbo laser.

Mechanics of the non-discriminatory laser limbo machine:

1. Machine computes bendiness ratio of each participant.

Bendiness ratio = Height at which participant touched the limbo stick/Height of participant

2. The participant with the lowest % wins.
-- pyggy potamus, Nov 27 2007

World Record Limbo? http://www.i-am-bor...k.cfm?link_id=25573
Flipping heck. [imaginality, Nov 28 2007]

Yeah big plus. Take away short people's only advantage in life.
-- globaltourniquet, Nov 27 2007

/only advantage in life/

What about fitting into aeroplanes, achieving a low centre of gravity when go-karting, presenting a small frontal area when cycling into a head wind, purchasing pants that don't need to be cinched up to about 50% of their as-manufactured waistline, not hitting their head on things, appearing buff on television and in film, being able to sleep comfortably in a standard bed, being able to travel comfortably in less-developed countries, appearing 'well-endowed' on television and in film...

I could go on.
-- Texticle, Nov 27 2007

yay! \o/ my very first bun, thank you thank you :)

//I could go on.//

i'll go on for you.............they can also sit on santa's lap till they're 200 years old.
-- pyggy potamus, Nov 27 2007

This would discriminate greatly in favor of persons with very short legs but very long torsos and heads.
-- bungston, Nov 27 2007

//very short legs but very long torsos and heads//

we'll ban mr potatohead and mr peanut from playing this game
-- pyggy potamus, Nov 28 2007

Haven't you seen pictures of those statues of limbo-champions all over Easter Island?
-- lurch, Nov 28 2007

You'll have your jobs cut out to beat this guy (link), whatever way you sway the rules.
-- imaginality, Nov 28 2007

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