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Computer: Mouse: Body
Implant mouse   (+9, -1)  [vote for, against]
Cybernetic implant

Your hand would link to any compatible computer via wireless technology.
Implanted in your hand would be the three main components of a mouse, The trackball, and the left and right buttons.
A shrunken down trackball would be implanted in the side of your thumb that faces the table top when placed upon the side of a normal mouse.
The mouse click buttons would be installed in the index and middle finger of whichever hand would be your mouse hand.

Some sort of on/off switch would have to be installed to prevent random interference with nearby computers with the capability to use the new mouse type.
Usage when on would be simple, the trackball thumb would need to be placed in contact with any close surface, and mouse clicking would be obtained by tapping of the button fingers upon any surface, even the palm of your hand.
-- kaz, Oct 13 2002

"Fingerworks igesture" review (first item),1640,43764,FF.html
I liked the writer's analogy... but be sure to check out it's own site linked [hollajam, Oct 13 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Implants such as this would be prone to infection...I dont know if I want a trackball in my thumb anyhow.
-- BinaryCookies, Oct 13 2002

I think we're more ergonomically evolved than track ball design. [link]
-- hollajam, Oct 13 2002

OK my main reason for this would be the fact that I found the prospect quite cool.
-- kaz, Oct 14 2002

I was thinking more of having the click buttons as pressure pads inserted under the skin, and I reckon that the trackball would be infection free if done properly.
-- kaz, Oct 14 2002

the main problem i have with this is the lack of buttons. My ideal mouse has about 20, including a wheel or two.
-- sadie, Oct 16 2002

Richard Gere has one of these. Or is that an implant gerbil?
-- dare99, Oct 16 2002

If you used an optical sensor instead of a trackball, I think it would work better. The best configuration I can think of would be to have the optical sensor in the wrist, and a pressure sensor in each finger and thumb. Perhaps extra sensors on the tips of fingers (as opposed to the underside of the fingers) could result in up to 10 buttons. Where does the battery go though?
-- Zenith, Oct 16 2002

What about scrolly wheels and thumb buttons? I'd like to be able to scroll by pushing the tip of my nose up or down. OK until I sneeze and end up on line 66556.

Actually this opens up a whole new raft of possibilities. Would the computer be able to interpret a thump on the desk as an instruction to increase speed of operation? Print document? Just snap your fingers and gesticulate towards the appropriate device. Entire body gone rigid, jaw slack, eyes dilated? Undo delete. Head in hands, gently quaking? Ah, reboot. I'm no technogeek, but I'm sure some of the VR technology I've heard about can be adapted to perform some (or all?) of this and more.
-- egbert, Oct 16 2002

Taking bets now on how long it will be before the word "ass*m*l*t*d" appears.
-- egbert, Oct 16 2002

why oh why did u edit out implant when ass is clearly thr ruder word ur censorship needs great improvement
-- starman, Nov 18 2002

i thought it meant assimilated, but assimplant is pretty bad too
-- BPhilpotts, Dec 29 2006


TMI alert - that means you, [Jutta], and anyone else who finds my enjoyment of a woman's body a bit much to read about.

I was laying in bed this weekend, squeezing my woman's lovely ass, and she suggested a mouse could be implanted.

Oh, we agreed, it's sexist bordering on slavery, and prone to making the wrong computer respond, but it would bring a whole new level to websurfing.

And [egbert], did you win any money on those bets?
-- normzone, Apr 30 2008

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