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Folding tray with adjustable height

Normally passengers lean the seat backward to take a nap. I personally feel at times, uncomfortable in such position and prefer to lean forward. I wish to use the hinged tray mounted on rear of the seat in front of mine to rest my head. But there are two problems, (1) the tray supports & the tray itself are sometimes weak & may get broken, (2) the existing height of tray relative to my seat requires that I stretch my body, causing discomfort.

To overcome these problems, I propose to provide the following : (1) stronger tray supports (2) arrangement to adjust height of tray relative to seat. This would not only help lean forward & have sound sleep without stiff neck but also increase individuals’ comfort during taking meals or using laptop or doing writing work.
-- vedarshi, Dec 18 2006

You should also be able to detach the cushion from your headrest and stick it on to the table with little velcro tabs.
-- hippo, Dec 18 2006

I learnt to sleep on flights with my head on the meal-tray aboard an American Airlines flight.

Big people = big space between seats = space to stick my head.

The next flight I caught was on Japan Airlines. I'm sure all the other passengers either had a good giggle at the strange white dude banging his head on the headrest of the seat in front, or though I had taken leave of my senses. [+]
-- m_Al_com, Dec 19 2006

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