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Science: Health: Healthcare
In Sickness & In Health-o-Meter   (+5)  [vote for, against]
For your spouse/ significant other

A little doohickey that attaches to the part of your back that you can't scratch, it measures your temperature and heart rate. So if you go and have a heart attack or are just feeling unwell, your significant other will know, as the corresponding keychain will beep.

The keychain could also pose as a panic button for people allergic to bees or something like that, eg, if you get stung, your other half, who is most likely nearby, or in a position to find help, will go call someone or get those injection thingummies.
-- froglet, Nov 28 2005

Um, there is no part of my back that I can't scratch. Perhaps you need to see a physical therapist to get loosened up a little?

But to the point, I believe there are health monitors with alerts already on the market. Hm...perhaps not: can only seem to find exercise monitors.
-- DrCurry, Nov 28 2005

Add a way of occasionally sending a one-bit "I'm still alive, I love you, I'm thinking of you, *hugs*" message, just to make sure the connection works.
-- jutta, Nov 28 2005

These transmitters (Wi-Fi?, Cellphone?) could be monitored at a monitoring station, where your actual medical sympoms could be diagnosed and the appropriate medical services sent (Ambulance, GP, Coroner). The device would need to transmit heart-rate, blood pressure, blood-sugar etc, and also the GPS position of the person. In some cases a doctor could arrive before the patient even knew there was a problem (A heart murmur precursor to stroke, for example).

Bun for the original concept, which could be expanded.
-- Minimal, Nov 28 2005

jutta: for the sake of truth in advertising, I think that should be "I'm still alive, I love you, my electronic monitor is thinking of you, *hugs*"
-- DrCurry, Nov 28 2005

why on the back?
-- i-Mer, Nov 28 2005

And the Tamagotchi pet on the moniter has the same health as you. Keep him alive...and YOU also get to live.
-- sleeka, Nov 29 2005

Bun, but every invention needs a good catchy name. May I suggest "In Sickness & In Health-o-Meter"
-- zeno, Nov 29 2005

O yeah!
-- zeno, Dec 05 2005

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