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Biathlon run as ice-skating, with paint-ball target shooting.

The indoor biathlon is staged in a hockey rink. A race-lane is defined all around the edge. Every tenth lap (or other distance, as appropriate), as the racer reaches his target station, he moves to a shooting stand toward the middle of the rink. The paintballs are fired over the heads of those still on the race-lane.

Target stations are distributed around the hockey arena, with a maximum of six (one at each end, two on each side). The targets are mounted on frames on the rinkside plexiglass using a mesh similar to that used to put pictures on bus windows. A windshield wiper behind the frame clears the spectators' view after shots are tallied.

After each set of shots, target station assignments are rotated. This allows the fans to all get a chance to see each competitor.

Scoring is very similar to the standard biathlon... unless you're doing the version where a siren signals a paintball war segment at some time in the middle of the race.
-- lurch, Aug 17 2003

Sounds somewhat cute, though paintball markers are way too inaccurate for any sort of meaningful target shooting, at least by biathlon standards. If I remember correctly, the prone portion of the biathlon requires hitting five 1" targets at 50 yards. Someone with a paintball marker would have to be lucky to hit five one foot targets at 50 feet.
-- supercat, Aug 17 2003

That sounds about right. The audience wouldn't be able to see the tiny targets, either, so bigger ones ought to make everyone happy.
-- lurch, Aug 17 2003

I'm oddly disappointed, For some reason, I thought the idea would be for some kind of sexual Olympics.
-- DrCurry, Aug 17 2003

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