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Indoor snowman   (+5)  [vote for, against]
year round indoor electric snowmen

This might not work in Europe. This idea is a ludicrously expensive, somewhat pointless non-refundable product conceived to invoke wonderment.

The device consists of a 3 phase 480 volt refrigeration compressor and a 3 tiered spherical metal mold. The mold would be the center of the snowman. Once turned on the device circulates coolant inside the spherical molds creating extremely cold surfaces. The moisture in air freezes around the mold and builds up to the point it could be shaved and customized. Think chest freezer frost.
-- evilpenguin, Nov 26 2012

indominable_20snowman like this only indoors? [xenzag, Nov 26 2012]

[+] a nice frosty Nanaimo bar for you.
-- FlyingToaster, Nov 26 2012

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