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Transparent cushioning for safety

Most NY taxis are fitted with transparent partitions between the passengers and the cabbie (for the protection of the cabbies from would-be muggers). However, few people use seat belts in taxis, and consequently every year, there are a host of nasty facial injuries from passengers being slammed into the flat suarfaces and hard edges of the partitions.

What would be most useful here is some kind of industrial bubble wrap, with the larger sized 1" bubbles, but of stronger plastic designed to withstand popping.

I don't know if this would have any application outwide taxi partitions, but maybe there are some other areas where cushioning from impacts is required, but some degreee of transparency is needed.
-- DrCurry, Nov 20 2006

Transparent Air Mattress http://www.oliviero...attress_sevylor.jpg
Lash one of these clear vinyl French mattresses to the cab partition. You and the cabbie can see through it, yet it would provide better resilient cushioning than 1" bubble wrap.[You could also lash the depicted young lady to the partition, but she would be more difficult to see through.] [jurist, Nov 20 2006]

1" would not sufficiently reduce acceleration of the passenger on impact. 2 feet perhaps, but then it is an airbag.

May I suggest a mandatory seatbelt/transmission interlock? If the weight of a passenger's butt is detected, the car can not be shifted out of park unless the seatbelt is used.
-- jmvw, Nov 20 2006

The point of the plexi between you and the taxi driver is so you dont rob him. Putting bubble wrap up to save face would only endanger the driver. If you are not smart enough to put your belt on, why should the driver pay?
-- Chefboyrbored, Nov 20 2006

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