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'Are you looking at my girlfriend??'

When some men are drunk they are funny, and enjoy laughing at each other and at themselves. Others decide they need to break something. I generally try and be one of the funny people, but often find myself on the recieving end of a 12' mammoth who didnt like the way I looked at his girlfriend. I need a decoy.

Outside bars, put up a few generic looking man sized dolls. These can be inflatable, but very tough, and are designed to have the crap beaten out of them. Just like when you were a kid and you got those clowns that you could beat on.
-- miasere, Apr 02 2003

[reensure] - i was wondering what happened to gumbi
-- miasere, Apr 03 2003

Baked. My idiot cousin Brett.
-- roby, Apr 03 2003

Cedar Park - corrected my mistake, so had to delete ure anno (was very funny though)
-- miasere, Apr 03 2003

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