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Inflatable arms   (+3)  [vote for, against]
Self explanatory really

You have puffer jackets, make them real.

In a tight spot and need to lean? Pull the gonflable toggle on the arm and inflate the arm producing a nice cushion of air to lean on. Deflate and move on.
-- skinflaps, Feb 23 2004

Would I get these from my local arms dealer ?
-- normzone, Feb 23 2004

surely the arms would have to be made of some type of elastic stretchy material to allow them to inflate with air. Once they were inflated with air and you decided to lean against something what would stop the air just moving to the other side of your arm and negating the effect of an air cushion for your arm to rest on? I suppose you could just make a patch inflatable instead of the whole arm, or can you limit the stretchiness of the material? Sorry I'm new so I'm just getting used to this whole baked thing. Hi
-- krynder23, Feb 23 2004

+ for 'gonflable'.
-- gnomethang, Feb 23 2004

[krynder23], 'baked' means that the idea has already been created or thought of. And don't say 'surely' too much (we'll think you mean 'shirley', as in, a pun). Oh, and [skinflaps], give it a cool name and I'll bun it.
-- ghillie, Feb 23 2004

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