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Inflatable cup holder   (+10)  [vote for, against]
Adjusts to the diameter of the cup

A doughnut-shaped bladder with a pump and release valve like those found on some sneakers. I'm thinking it would need to be built into the cup holder itself for traction, but a retrofit version might be worth toying with.

Note that this would be suitable for both built-in cup holders as well as the add-on, hang-from-the-window type.
-- phoenix, Mar 08 2002

Inflatable Beverage Mug http://www.halfbake...le_20Beverage_20Mug
For holding an inflatable cup? [waugsqueke, Jun 03 2002]

I just love inflatables.
-- quarterbaker, Mar 08 2002

Neat - Kills two birds (the birds of insulation and cup-grip that is) with one lightly tossed stone.
-- stupop, Mar 08 2002

Portable, stand alone unit (in addition to built-ins and hang-from-the-doors), so I can take my beer swimming.
-- quarterbaker, Mar 08 2002

My mother-in-law and I have been talking about this for some time. We envisioned it as sort of 'v' shaped with a weighted bottom with sand a la the slightly demonic clown bop-em's. We even had a name for it, the crotch catcher - because nothing holds your drinks like your crotch.
-- barnzenen, Jun 03 2002

I'd buy this. (Owner of car with cupholders the size of saturn's rings, so useless).
-- drew, Jun 03 2002

I have no cup holder at all (sob) Only an ashtray and I don't smoke.... why not a cupholder replacement to go where the ashtray goes.That would be. better than nothing
-- lindylou, Aug 31 2002

I like the cup holders that squeeze the cup as a result of the pressure on the bottom of the cup holder.... same concept i guesss.
-- The Dude, Dec 11 2002

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