Fashion: Underwear
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If you want to bring a little more attention to yourself...

This is basically a teched up version of shoving a sock down your trousers, or stuffing toilet paper into your chest....

Underwear with little inflatable air pockets and concealed pumps. As air is pumped in the air pockets expand, thus apparently enhancing your attributes....
-- imagooAJ, Oct 27 2000

As the old sexist joke goes: Who cares about her disappointment?
-- blahginger, Oct 27 2000

I suppose you have to be clever enough to put off that momment until the 'point of no return'.
-- blahginger, Oct 27 2000

Well Peter, it has been awhile since my random encounter days, but if memory serves, there comes a point in a "relationship" like this (and mind you this point is long before any clothing is removed) where you know the "ulitmate goal" is going to be reached. This is the point of no return, where (if you subscribe to the attitude per the 'old joke' mentioned in my orginal comment) you would not care about 'her' disappointment. Sorry..I do not have any links to point you to. ;)
-- blahginger, Oct 27 2000

Point of no return - the point where your partner discovers the embarrassing deception and leaves, never to return.
-- ping, Oct 27 2000

No different than the pump-up bra, it's still false advertising...

Of course, they could take to poking you with a pin to see if you're for real...

'Two inches? Who are you going to please with that?' "Me."
-- StarChaser, Oct 28 2000

See also: Smack the Pony, where Sally Philip's or Fiona Allen's (I cant remember which) breasts inflate to attract the attention of a barman.
-- imagooAJ, Oct 30 2000

Remember: You don't "dress up" for others. You do it for yourself. The point is to fool yourself. If you believe it's working, that's probably what counts. Besides, this is a potential stay againt "camel toe" and, therefore, a preventive measure against aesthetic assault.
-- rachele, Dec 02 2000

Good idea with the pin! It would give new meaning to the term, 'ballbusting'! Pump up panties would look sexy on the girls!
-- OOF!, Apr 06 2001

I could see an inflatable "enhancing" bra for young teens who desire more of a figure (remember using tissues or socks as figure-enhancers in 7th grade?)
-- Sparki, Aug 10 2001

At least when you sit on a pin, it's less painful.
-- funky_monkey, Jul 09 2002

Partly baked, see Weird Al Yankovic's video "Fat" where he inflates a fat suit under his clothes!
-- pfperry, Jul 09 2002

I'm not sure, but seems that I saw a Candid Camera show in which they rigged a good-looking lady with inflatable boobs, and slowly increased the size of her bust as she sat at a bar and chatted with several men. Very funny.
-- ZomGlo, Feb 08 2004

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