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I was at a houseparty on Friday night, sorry you all couldn't be there.

It was a house, with a bathroom, without a lock.

Whilst talking to my fellow partygoers, it transpired that toilet cubicles without locks are a hazard for female toiletgoers. I just had no idea. Over the imbibation of several curious cocktails, they regaled great theatrical stories of the manoeuvres they performed to stop other restroomresters from invading their personal ablutions.

A solution to this hitherto unknown issue.

The inflatowedge is a handbag (or pocket) sized inflatable wedge. Filled by the air handdryer in the toilets/bathroom/restroom, it can be quickly inflated and stuffed under the door. Due to its slighly corrugated finish, the wedge grips firmly and stops the door from being accidently opened whilst you perform.

Once finished, simply deflate, wash hands and return to the party.
-- jonthegeologist, May 23 2004

Portable Door Lock
Doesn't inflate, tho. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]

Portable Wedge With Alarm
I imagine that 120 db would be more than enough to deter bathroom suitors. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]

The other solution to the same problem
[jonthegeologist, Oct 05 2004]

Portable Door Lock http://www.halfbake...table_20Door_20Lock
a fourth shameless solution [FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004]

Portable door locks are quite baked, solving your lady friends' problem, though I don't think I've seen an inflatable one.
-- DrCurry, May 23 2004

this is another solution to the problem [DrCurry] ...
-- jonthegeologist, May 23 2004

At first, I missed the switch to public restrooms. Maybe it's different where you are, but there's generally a space a foot high or more under restroom stall doors. This would be considerably larger than the portable wedge alarms that I've seen.

I'm thinking of a different solution. If lockless doors are really so prevalent it might be a worthwhile endeavor.
-- Gromit, May 23 2004

I don't think the hand-dryer could inflate anything! but you could blow it up yourelf of course! +
-- po, May 23 2004

[gromit] corrected. tsk. shame on me.
-- jonthegeologist, May 23 2004


I think the typical hand dryer could inflate something. I've inflated air mattresses with blow dryers. They have to be equipped with the right sort of fill valve.
-- Gromit, May 23 2004

yeah and you just happen to have them upon your person? met your type before!
-- po, May 23 2004

I think the wedge approach is better than the stick approach as it leaves your hands free to pull up your trousers without having to do that whole acrobatic-keeping-door-shut-with-head thing.
-- hazel, May 23 2004

sp. manoeuvres [jtg], shame.

I think this is a terrible idea. Surely one in ten people should just carry a screwdriver, bradle, lock and a couple of screws, providing a permanent solution.
-- neilp, May 24 2004

some kind of toolkit on the back of every cubicle door then [neilp]?
-- jonthegeologist, May 24 2004

Carry an umbrella at all times. That's the answer. It can be used both as a screen for privacy and as a weapon for deterring the persistant.
-- DrBob, May 24 2004

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