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Ingeniously aspirated cool suit   (+25, -2)  [vote for, against]
puff, puff

As you walk around in this suit, small bellows in the heels of your shoes puff air up your trouser legs, keeping your legs nice and cool. A small vent in your pockets lets the air out.
A secondary air supply goes from your heels to your trouser waistband, blowing air into your shirt.
-- hippo, Feb 17 2005

Aircon 2 Jacket http://www.engadget...y/1234000713030647/
For the upper body [darkboy115, Feb 17 2005]

(?) From 1939 http://www.buyoutfo...tles/pd_nr_031.html
"Inventer Creates The First Air Conditioned Suit Last summer was so hot that it inspired the first “air-conditioned” suit, a queer arrangement of tubes supplying a breeze through the whole costume from bellows fastened to the wearer’s shoes." [Klaatu, Feb 17 2005]

'Professor' Wilf Lunn
[DrBob, Feb 18 2005]

puff, puff http://www.thegreen...d-cooling-pants.php
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 03 2013]

The halfbakery software saw the "pirate" in "aspirated" and decided that this invention would be great for pirates. Aye!
-- robinism, Feb 17 2005

Yarrr! There's a stiff sou'westerly a-blowin up my trousers. Reef the hem boys! Haul away!
-- wagster, Feb 17 2005

When you lift your foot to take a step, fresh air comes in through a valve in the heel?
-- robinism, Feb 17 2005

a walking whoopi cushion.
-- po, Feb 17 2005

Wouldn't that lead to a trailing miasma of jocksweat? Would these pocket vents be filtered or non?
-- Sabriand, Feb 17 2005

Arr! Bringing comfort to Shanks' Pony and, with the appliance of a little duck tape over the air vents, Inflato-Pants!
-- DrBob, Feb 17 2005

Could this be developed so the old gag of a jet of air lifting a woman's skirt could be self-induced?

[Hoping for someone to do a nice illustration....]
-- normzone, Feb 17 2005

I wonder if this is how Emanuel Swedenborg first thought of the hovercraft?
-- skinflaps, Feb 17 2005

Sounds like Frank Herbert's "Stillsuit" from Dune.
-- contracts, Feb 17 2005

Will the shoes have a snorkel intake for walking trough puddles?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 17 2005

...and a filter for walking across sand. Nothing worse than knickers full of sand.
-- DrBob, Feb 17 2005

Baked in 1939 <link>
-- Klaatu, Feb 17 2005

Nice link, Klaatu. You're not allowed to call anything queer any more, of course.
-- English Bob, Feb 17 2005

I remember watching "shorts" at the Saturday matinees at the Sellwood theatre and this guy would always be on. He "invented" things like the air-cpnditioned suit and pull-down shades for eating grapefruit without getting juice in your face. His name was "Professor [something]". He also invented a "dunker" for your morning donut, to dunk your donut in your coffee.

...and, he was rather "queer".
-- Klaatu, Feb 17 2005

Thar she blows!!!
-- RayfordSteele, Feb 18 2005

I like this. It would hopefully eliminate the static cling that causes my work pants to attach irritatingly to my legs. [+]

It's like that picture of Marilyn Monroe, except of a man instead.
-- tekym, Feb 18 2005

[tekym] wouldn't fabric softner fix that?
-- Sabriand, Feb 18 2005

Klaatu, would that be Wilf Lunn perchance? (link)
-- DrBob, Feb 18 2005

[DrBob] I remember Wilf Lunn as a youngish guy on Vision On in the 70's - I doubt he was around in 1939!
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 18 2005

As Henry walks down the corridor at work, his every step is accompanied by a slight inflation and deflation of his collateral buttock, and a soft "hisss hisss" sound. The only explanation we can think of - Henry is passing gas.
-- robinism, Feb 18 2005

1939? I was responding to the anno about Saturday matinees. I somehow doubt that Klaatu was going to the pictures in 1939.
-- DrBob, Feb 18 2005

[Sabriand] - I've tried, it doesn't work. Not for long, anyway.
-- tekym, Feb 20 2005

calling one's own idea ingenious [-]
-- Voice, Nov 03 2013

(Eight and a half years after this idea was posted I feel compelled to admit that the title - and in fact the whole idea - was hastily contrived to shoehorn the word 'pirate' into the title without actually using that word (so as to (a) appear clever, and (b) avoid contributing to a passing fashion for pirate-themed ideas). This was during a brief period on the Halfbakery in which ideas with the word 'pirate' in their title would have the 'for' and 'against' votes shown as 'arr' and 'narr'.)
-- hippo, Nov 06 2013

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