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There have been times I wanted to to add a single character from an odd font to a document (HTML, word processing, etc). I propose a format similar to that used for vector fonts, but usable to easally export one character for inclusion into a document. Similarly, I would like an extention to the HTML language that would support a "glyph" object... just like a charachter in how it can be scaled, displayed in different colors, etc, but included in the document with a src= type thing.
-- badoingdoing, Dec 30 2000

If you create a reasonable-sized bitmap version of your glyph, you can imbed it in your text using, e.g.,

<img src="whatever" style="height:1em;width:1em">

This will cause the image to automatically be scaled to whatever font size is in use at the time.
-- supercat, Dec 31 2000

That's one of the promises of the Scalable Vector Graphics standard, as I understand it: specify your special character as an SVG document and reference it in your HTML, CSSable and everything. Not that I understand the standard, that is--it's (some say overly) complex. uses supercat's suggestion for special characters in pronunciations.
-- markfox, Jan 01 2001

Yes. SVG solves the problem with supercat's suggestion, which is that browsers don't scale bitmap images very well.
-- egnor, Jan 01 2001

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