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Vehicle: Traffic Jam
Inner City Congestion Bumper Cars   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
Save time, money and congestion and reduce road rage.

Take any busy city (London, New York, etc), lay rubber sheeting down over the roads, string some wire mesh about 10 feet off the ground and build car parks (I think most cities already have these - they're called bypasses or ring roads here in England).

Then simply park your car at the edge of the city and pick up a dodgem which you can drive to work. Road rage? Simple - just bump a few cars until you feel calm again.

Arrive at work refreshed (possibly bruised) and in good humour.

You could even give all the unemployed people jobs, standing on the backs of cars and helping you when you get stuck against a building...
-- kmlabs, May 08 2003

So stupid I like it (+) Well done and welcome to the bakery. Just make sure everyone signs a waver, eliminating court action.
-- silverstormer, May 08 2003

Does this mean that in London, the Congestion Charge will be measured in coulombs instead of pounds?
-- friendlyfire, May 08 2003

dodgem: Bumper Car in US thanks, KM
-- mahatma, May 08 2003

Very nice first idea. Welcome to the halfbakery, and thank you for supplying yet another example to prove that there's no prejudice here against good ideas submitted by newcomers.
-- beauxeault, May 08 2003

How will you keep pedestrian traffic safe from the wildly out of control dodgems? You won't? Well then, here's my croissant.
-- dag, May 08 2003

One side effect might be that it'd zap a load of town pigeons. Dunno if that's a good or bad thing, but can you imagine all the carcasses in summer? Pwew! Still, it's mad: croissant.
-- saker, May 08 2003

Ah, ‘twas only a matter of time before someone said the ‘p’ word.
-- Shz, May 08 2003

-- po, May 08 2003

Pedestrian pigeons..
-- dag, May 08 2003

Mmmm...instant squab! I like it! (and they go especially well with hot buttered croissants!)
-- Freefall, May 08 2003

If you powered the 'cars' by induction instead of through the chickenwire overhead I think it would actually be quite workable. + + from me.
-- Brett-Blob, Oct 15 2007

Hmmm - I wanted to add this idea myself, but you beat me to it by 7 years. My angle was the battery-less electric car; lightweight, cheap, environmentally friendly cars (but I'm guessing there'd be a lot of energy loss in the distribution). It would be ugly as hell having all those wires around, so all roads would have to be buried, or we'd have to just build another ground level one floor up.
-- insufficientlycooked, Feb 07 2010

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