Fashion: Underwear
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Pants with underwear already stitched to the inside

It seems to me that having a seperate step involving underwear is sort of illogical. Why not just stitch it to the inside of the pants. You would save several seconds, which have cost all of us a taxi, a train, not being noticed by our boss, the last poppy seed bagel; the list goes on.

I'm also seeing velcro versions. This way you can prance around the house in your underwear if you feel the need but still be capable of putting pants and underwear on at the same time.
-- SpocksEyebrow, May 05 2005

Sounds kinda like the mesh underwear in a pair of swimming shorts. Having been "pantsed" several times in my life, this could definitely cause some unnecessary exposure to the elements. This also means high comedy value, and for that I must +.
-- AfroAssault, May 05 2005

[Spocks] From this, I am inferring that you change your trousers and your underpants with similar frequency. I really hope this means you wear fresh trousers every day.
-- Basepair, May 05 2005

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