Computer: Input Device
Input device vibrator   (+9, -3)  [vote for, against]
Alerts you silently.

Many people have wrong habit of typing by seeing at the keyboard instead of the monitor. Well that is up to them to correct it, but most don't.
But the major problem is they will miss any alerts on the screen. Sometimes the speaker tries to alert you. But i disconnect the speaker (even the pc's internal speaker) at night to avoid disturbance to my room-mates. Also, for others, there is one more problem opposite to mine - a small beep is not that attention catching.. especially when they hook their thing to a 3000watt speaker system . Or use a powerful Headphone for rock music. So instead I propose a keyboard and mouse with in built Vibrators like the ones on most Cell Phones. Simple. Effective if you are typing or drawing. May even increase immersion into addictive point and click games, just like the feedback joystick.
-- kamathln, Mar 05 2005

Or a big hand that reaches out of the computer and slaps you upside the head. "Hey! Segmentation fault again! Pay attention!"
-- Detly, Mar 05 2005

To tell you the truth, I never knew that "pipl" could type at all. I thought that was just something that people could do.
-- Klaatu, Mar 05 2005

Might encourage mistakes with laptop users...
-- wagster, Mar 05 2005

What college kamathln goes to, I can’t imagine. But if Bogie had gone there, he’d have said, “here’s seeing at you, kid.”
-- ldischler, Mar 05 2005

[ldischler] Perhaps kamathln goes to a college in a foreign country. How's your Swedish/Polish/Finnish/...?
-- Basepair, Mar 05 2005

Jeez, I was already cutting him slack by assuming he was a college student.
-- ldischler, Mar 05 2005

Or her. Tssk tssk for assumptions :-)
-- Basepair, Mar 05 2005

Wait a second. I'm hearing that irritating tssk tssk again.
-- ldischler, Mar 05 2005

Tssk Tssk. I am a he.
-- kamathln, Mar 06 2005

Many people ask here how it can be practically implemented. Hmm. It seems complicated but is not. Remove the internal speaker and attach very long wires to the ones that originally supplied signal to the speaker. run the wires along the mouse or keyboard wires and cellotape them. I dont think it will take more than 10 minutes for some electronics fellow to disign the cirquit required.
-- kamathln, Mar 06 2005

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