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Insensitivistatistics would be used in two major ways:

1) to measure "least popular" or "most disliked" ideas; and 2) to measure apathy

Normal statistics are always framed so that we get "multiple choice" rankings. Insensitivistatistics, besides being a major mouthful to pronounce, would produce wildly unexpected results.

An open poll of 1,636 people of random age were asked: "What is the least desireable characteristic you would like to see in a President?", and 2 people responded with something besides than "I'm not interested in answering your poll" and slamming the phone onto its receiver in the pollster's ear, the results of the poll would be: 99% just don't give a d***!
-- danrue, Oct 06 2000

I wish Komar & Melamid would go into politics. "America's Most Wanted Party" would win over "America's Least Wanted Party" by 200:1!
-- jutta, Oct 07 2000

You can include me in the poll too. I would not like to have a President who insisted on driving the limo himself.
-- Vance, Jan 30 2001

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