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Lincoln Town Car Meets Abe Lincoln

It may not be the most pressing issue in society today, but I think it would be cool if there were a cartop accessory that you could strap on your car that would steady, shade, insulate, and protect beverages on top of the car for you while you were busy away from the car. Cartop compartments for storage are nothing new, I know; but how many have a built-in cup insulator/cooler? And how many look like hats?

I am of the habit of depositing my cups on top of the vehicle to avoid them heating up from the mild furnace inside the car, and then driving away with the cup still on top, thus causing the drink to fall down, or causing other drivers to point at me with funny looks on their faces. Or, I set the drink on top of the car and then sun heats it to death. Or, ugly cup condensation rings form on top of the car.

Picture, if you will, a nice and stylish top hat (pick your hat) for your car that has a brim that can be pulled to extend over the car and shade it a little bit. There are caged cup holders (for the ultimate in drink-holding power) for every seat in the car. There is an insulated and lockable compartment in the middle for storage of items. Tuxedo sold separately. Not for use with children or small animals.
-- polartomato, Jul 25 2002

The hip hop community would put the car hat on backwards.... Gang members claim their sets by busting it to the right, left, etc..

Bliss: I love my optical mouse too
-- Mr Burns, Jul 25 2002

I don't know where you guys live, but where I come from it would be pretty dangerous to put drinks on your roof. You never know what some nut might put in it. However for you adventurous types, this might be a plus.
-- Aurora, Jul 25 2002

[PolarTomato] Be a dear and move this idea to Car:Drink, would you please?
-- phoenix, Jul 25 2002

[phoenix] I dunno, this is kind of a mish-mash of a cup holder, storage thingy, and clothing for your respective vehicle. I think Car:Drink would fail to fully capture the, uh, essence of this idea.

Personally, I would like either a stovepipe hat or cowboy hat for my car... it's for style and shade, too. I also suggest that the ballcap model be faced forward during daylight hours. Putting a backwards ball cap on the car would result in lessened shade for the front of the car, which needs more shade.

Maybe I'll call it, "Hats for Cars"?
-- polartomato, Jul 26 2002

(blismiss) Nah, I lived in a scary neighborhood near Detroit last year... you could get anything from bugs and dirt, to used cigarette butts, razors, pee, anti-freeze, etc. I wouldn't want to chance it.
-- Aurora, Jul 26 2002

Hey, how about you put the hat INSIDE the car? Then there's no worries.
-- Aurora, Jul 30 2002

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