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Intellectual dopplegangers   (+7)  [vote for, against]
One in a million

There are 7 billion people on earth, this means that even if your wacky and unique ideas make you a one in a million. Your unusual interest is still shared by at 7000 others who find it equally irresistible as you do.

Anonymously publish your interests, ideas, and point of view and see if you can find your intellectual doppelgangers. And since half bakery is a competitive bunch, eager to prove their un-doppleganger-able-ness, this can also be the playground for challenges such as "I bet there is no one else in the world that eats their peanut butter sandwich with the peanut butter on the outside"

Yes, this is already baked at places like sub-Reddits but this would take it to a whole other level.
-- ixnaum, Jun 22 2022

4and20's "dating site which is open just to intellectuals"
[a1, Jun 23 2022]

But I'm unique!
-- pocmloc, Jun 23 2022

[Approved+] To make it really unique you need a

few additional factors.... Such as: type of knot

favoured in tying laces?; last time you counted the

number of pigeons on your neighbour's roof aerial?;

time taken to unfold a deckchair in a totally dark

room. With the perfect match, these will all be

identical, along with everything else.
-- xenzag, Jun 23 2022

+ Besides intellectual, there needs to be silly and stupid doppelgängers also.
-- xandram, Jun 23 2022

There also needs to be a dating site which is open just to intellectuals. I might suggest some kind of IQ test style gateway, but to satisfy the distinctive kinds of intelligence, each member could post a test of his/her own, with a title which would only be compelling to weirdos like him/her.
-- 4and20, Jun 23 2022

//Besides intellectual, there needs to be silly and stupid doppelgängers also.//

Ah, now it's my time to shine - my intellect is already silly and stupid.
-- AusCan531, Jun 24 2022

Annotation line spacing has gone feral...
-- xenzag, Jun 24 2022

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