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Fax + OCR + Destroy List = Saved paper / toner / ink

Despite the rumours of the demise of the fax machine, many businesses still have a need to send and receive paper documents to/from others.

This machine would receive the faxes, and analyze the content on the paper. Anything printed in Helvetica in 20+ point type, pictures of clipart of sail boats, cruise ships or dollar bills would immediately put the fax into the 'trash bin' and would not print. You can later browse through the 'trash bin' on the LCD screen and delete or revive faxes.

In order to learn what junk fax is, a small number would be printed in the corner of the paper of the 'non-junk' faxes. If you found that this printout was actually fax spam, simply enter the reference number into the machine and classify this transmission as junk. Further receptions would compare headers, images and text with this template and print or trash based on the comparison.
-- Cedar Park, Jul 20 2010

Sorting Fax Machine sorting_20fax_20machine
inspired by this one? [bungston, Jul 20 2010]

Long overdue...
-- cowtamer, Jul 20 2010

Most spam faxes have a sender number on them, a politely worded request to no longer receive spam tends to do the trick. You can even use the paper that the spam was printed on.
-- kaz, Jul 20 2010

[kaz], this worked for you? I've tried to get de-listed from and many other broadcasters, to no avail... also the Canadian law has been watered down to such an extent and enforced so poorly that since 2008, only $250.00 (that is the decimal in the middle of that number) has been collected from violators, with the cost to implement the system estimated at $15 million.
-- Cedar Park, Jul 21 2010

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