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Public: Pedestrian Traffic
Intended Path Signal   (+2, -1)  [vote for, against]
Show people where you intend to walk

What I envision is some sort of laser pointer that draws a line on the ground that traces my intended path. The idea is to let other people know where you intended to 'go'. Line would extend only 10 or 20 feet.

The line should change in color or intensity as it gets further from you, so others can judge how soon your body will actually arrive at any point on the line.

When you see your line cross someone elses line there should be a way to resolve the 'conflict'. Maybe some sort of feedback to the device that if your line crosses an existing line then your line will show up as a dotted line (indicating second priority).

I always figured this would be best controled with thoughts rather than a manual interface. (I think we are getting to the point where technology can do stuff like that.)

I realize that it is not very useful in heavy crowds since people will not be see the ground, nor would it be useful when there are not too many people around. Therefore it should also be activated and deactivate by thought.

[I was reminded of this idea when I read the Sidewalk Encounter Protocol]
-- blahginger, Apr 15 2001

Problem is that in crowds, you don't KNOW where you'd be in 10 or 20 feet. A pointer to where you're going is one thing, but there's no way to tell where you're likely to be in the Brownian motion of a crowd. Especially if all of them have these...
-- StarChaser, Apr 15 2001

Plus, it'd make you an easy target for snipers, which should always be a concern.
-- PotatoStew, Apr 16 2001

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