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Interchangeable plier tips   (+10, -1)  [vote for, against]

Screwdrivers with interchangeable heads are available. Why not pliers? Linesman's pliers, longnose pliers, side cutters etc could all be made available, just by changing jaws. The handles would need sturdy hardened dowels onto which the jaws could be fitted.
-- david_scothern, Apr 08 2006

searched: interchangeable pliers http://www.sabertoo...s-4-in-1-large.html
Admittedly, not the most taxing search ever performed by human hands... [half, Apr 14 2006]

Go on, you try carrying four pairs of pliers in one pocket?
-- david_scothern, Apr 08 2006

I always plier them with alcohol - that's my best interchangeable tip. Works every time no matter how hard and sturdy their jaws are. +
-- xenzag, Apr 08 2006

Don't hate the plier, david - hate the game.
-- bungston, Apr 09 2006

Interesting idea but i think this would just be another small thing to lose in the workshop.
-- Antegrity, Apr 09 2006

The plier tips could be stored in the handles, so they are close by and don't get lost. Good idea+
-- zeno, Apr 09 2006

What happened to the links?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 09 2006

[2 fries] Dunno - I didn't delete them...
-- david_scothern, Apr 09 2006

I believe you. Thousands might not, but I do.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 14 2006

Not quite the exact implementation, but close enough for me. Sabertooth Max Force 4 in 1 pliers. (link)
-- half, Apr 14 2006

(Makes note) Search before posting. The guy behind the above link, he believed his interchangeable pliers idea was unique too. In his case, he was probably right. In mine... (wanders off, head down)

(edit: wanders back again) On another note, [2 fries], were the missing links to similar products to the above? I would like to make clear that I did not resort to deleting links that proved my idea wasn't original. I'm genuinely mystified, to be honest.
-- david_scothern, Apr 17 2006

They were my links. I deleted them. My second favorite thing about the 'bakery is participating in brainstorming activity that infrequently occurs here. I thought maybe some ensuing discussion might be more interesting than me proving that I can type words in to a search engine.

My quick links and tendency to point out obstacles that would need to be overcome in making these ideas realities likely take a lot of the fun out of this place for a lot of people who don't take the ideas so seriously.

Fortunately for me and for the halfbakery, in the process of pursuing some of my own inventions, I have found a venue in which I sometimes get to brainstorm real inventions in their formative stages. Turns out, I'm not completely useless at it.
-- half, Apr 17 2006

//Turns out, I'm not completely useless at it.// gonna embroider that and frame it!
-- po, Apr 17 2006

[half] where? Most intrigued.
-- david_scothern, Apr 20 2006

At an "inventor's association" that happens to meet a few miles from my house. It's a not-for-profit operation that supports the little guy inventor by sharing experience, knowledge, contacts, resources, etc.

There may be something like it near you.
-- half, Apr 20 2006

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