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Business: Economics
Interesting unemployment figures   (+2, -1)  [vote for, against]
This statistical depiction creates jobs

Growth or loss of jobs is indicated by displaying attractive men and woman of either anorexic or pleasingly curvaceous proportions, to indicate the trends in the employment.

Slender body types would indicate cuts in employment, more generous types would indicate growth.

Career opportunity changes would be apparent by the mode of dress of the persons - blue collar, white collar, Santa and elves......
-- normzone, Dec 07 2003

Better yet, have them read by someone slowly taking her/his clothes off. No, wait, that's been done...
-- DrCurry, Dec 07 2003

Don't quit your day job.
-- Overpanic, Dec 07 2003

wait...what is wrong with numbers?
-- Space-Pope, Dec 07 2003

[UnaBubba], don't worry, when I'm referencing porn I'll call it porn.

I pictured this as more of a clothing catalog kind of graphic....although if there was a significant increase in the amount of porn stars being hired, that would be evident in the type of person shown....

That threat in itself might be enough to drive our current USA pResident to attempt to create more jobs for people with clothes on....
-- normzone, Dec 08 2003

The silhouette of one side of this graphic would resemble a sine wave of varying periodicity. (anorexic = trough; curvaceous = peak).
-- phundug, Dec 08 2003

Point taken, [UnaBubba], but the correct term is re-select....sigh, democracy at it's lamest.....
-- normzone, Dec 08 2003

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