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Great Britain Hopscotch Team, San Francisco 4-17 July 2005

Simply, this is a range of luggage and sports appareil on which details of an international sports team and championship of your choice is emblazonned.

Designed to convince your fellow travellers that your shindig in San Francisco was much more than a holiday and that you are slightly more interesting than it might at first appear.
-- jonthegeologist, Jul 18 2005

Fake Conference Bags Fake_20Conference_20Bag
Inspiration from here and from a GB swimming team suitcase that I saw picked up from Heathrow yesterday. He didn't look like a swimmer to me! [jonthegeologist, Jul 18 2005] Just in case you've never played... [jonthegeologist, Jul 18 2005]

When he isn't choking on pretzels...
[coprocephalous, Jul 18 2005]

//GB swimming team // Hah! Read this as "G8 swimming team". Of course, Dubbya could join the G8 mountain biking team, if he could only stay on one long enough. [linky]
-- coprocephalous, Jul 18 2005

The main idea here is that they are custom made. You alreay get kids wandering round wearing "Hawaii Surf Tem '74" tee-shirts when you know they wern't even born then!.

I'd like this...{+}
-- Minimal, Jul 18 2005

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