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Less stress in life...

Why don't we make schooling an internet thing? I mean, entirely internet. From kindergarden up, just log onto your computer, and off you go. It'll save stress having to get up so early in the morning, for classes would simply be typed up pages that you read through, and the assignments would be at the bottom. You could be chatting with other people on the school site too. (So that kids don't feel so isolated.)

Pros-Less stress, no more long, boring lectures, no more bullies, no more mean teachers, no more handwriting (for those that don't like to handwrite, for those who do, they can handwrite all of their work, then put it into their comp via scanner and send it in). It might even cost less, for you only have to pay for the website space.

Cons-No more recess, no more nice teachers, and you won't be able to see your classmates eye to eye.
-- friendless-person, Dec 02 2003

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[jutta, Oct 04 2004]

No more having to deal with society... no more learning how to behave in stressful situations... no more functioning like a normal person when you get into the job market...

School is about much more than the homework, Mr. friendly.
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 02 2003

This would be very useful for getting bullies out of schools. Currently, it is very hard to expel bullies, because even though they are disrupting other childrens' learning, their parents argue that "they have a right to an education!"

Making full education a possibility from within the home (and cheaply; not by means of hiring a private tutor) would be a boon to society.
-- phundug, Dec 02 2003

No more recess? The whole day would be recess for most kids... what motivation do they have to log on and do any work when their parents are away at work and all their toys/tv/video gmaes are in the next room over?
-- luecke, Dec 02 2003

Internet schooling on all levels is quite baked. Besides this sounds like a let's-all.
-- k_sra, Dec 02 2003

Been there, done that for an MBA. Some courses worked out fine, but just as many would have been easier and more efficient with fast feedback from classmates and teachers. Having a 12 hour time lag killed too many discussions. Also graphics are a pain to use and in some courses you just cannot do without a whiteboard.
-- kbecker, Dec 02 2003

Google on "distance education". At least that's what they used to call it.
-- waugsqueke, Dec 02 2003

Yeah, I've taken classes on the internet good idea but baked.
-- sartep, Dec 02 2003

Internet MBA? Scaaaary...
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 02 2003

When I noticed this was posted by a someone who calls him/herself [friendless-person] it all made sense.
-- Pericles, Dec 02 2003

Yes MS Netmeeting. I've had a couple internet classes and one proffesor had Netmeetings as optional class sessions. There were some problems but it was a very nice addition to the class.

I don't know if this is baked as it specifically details all schooling, not just college which is the only totally internet education I know of. Though it does seem to be a "let's all..."
-- Bamboo, Apr 23 2004

Bad idea. Some years ago there was school by TV in my country. And there still are some College subjects on TV nowadays from a specific College.
-- NeoPiter, Jul 13 2004

The idea of going "back to school" on the internet is quite scary. Most of probably do need go back to school at some point but "what if there are bullies on the internet?"
-- mikeyg, Dec 07 2005

I wonder if you can get an internet noogie.
-- Jscotty, Dec 08 2005

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