Product: Alarm Clock
Intracardiac Adrenaline Injection Alarm Clock   (+8)  [vote for, against]
For those who really, really struggle to get out of bed

Heavily spring loaded arm is set to fire after the nth press of snooze. If the threat of a needle being stabbed into your heart does not wake you up, the adrenaline dose surely will.
-- mitxela, Apr 04 2015

Pulp Fiction adrenaline scene
[mitxela, Apr 04 2015]

Painful, highly dangerous and inadvisable, significant probability of lethal consequences, reckless, stupid and foolish in the extreme, therefore [+].

Can the injection be a dart fired from a high-power airgun ? If so, [++].
-- 8th of 7, Apr 04 2015

beautiful [+]

Not that you would want something less dangerous but if you did you could wear an IV to bed and have that inject the adrenaline instead. Or if you're really a pansy you could have a gentle, warm mist of caffeine sprayed on your face about 30 minutes before waking time.
-- Voice, Apr 04 2015

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